U.S. appreciates Albania's consideration of Syrian chemical weapons destruction

The U.S. appreciated Albania's recent consideration of hosting the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the State Department, made the statement on Friday during a daily press briefing in Washington. Psaki responded to a question about Albania's decision not to be a part of the process to destroy Syria's chemical weapons. When asked if Albania's decision would impact relations between the U.S. and Albania, Psaki said relations will not be affected.

"We appreciate Albania considering, looking seriously at hosting... the destruction of chemical weapons," Psaki said. "I will reiterate a little bit of what I've already said, which is just that the international community continues to discuss the most effective and expeditious manner for eliminating Syria's chemical weapons. There are obviously a range of countries that the international community, led by the U.N. and the OPCW, are talking to. We think every country should make the decision about how they can best help and assist."

When asked if the international community is optimistic that a country will accept the waste from the chemical weapons destruction process, Psaki said the U.N. and the OPCW are continuing to work toward the achievement of all set timelines.