FBI Director Comey discusses current mission of the FBI

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James B. Comey spoke before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Thursday on the direction and goals of the FBI today.

"Today's FBI is a threat-focused, intelligence-driven organization," Comey said. "Every FBI professional understands that preventing the key threats facing our nation means constantly striving to be more efficient and more effective."

Comey said the FBI keeps a pulse on adversaries to the U.S. and its allies. He said the organization continues to improve to meet these ever evolving threats.

"Just as our adversaries continue to evolve, so, too, must the FBI," Comey said. "We live in a time of acute and persistent terrorist and criminal threats to our national security, our economy, and to our communities."

Comey mentioned some of the threats facing U.S. security today, including terrorism, cyber threats and active shooter threats. While some of the threats, such as the shoe bomber, were neutralized, others, such as the Boston Bombings, were not. Comey said the FBI works with international partners to do its best in countering all threats to U.S. security.

"Our national Headquarters and local field offices have built partnerships with just about every federal, state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement agency in the nation," Comey said. "By combining our resources and leveraging our collective expertise, we are able to investigate national security threats that cross both geographical and jurisdictional boundaries."

Comey thanked the committee for the opportunity to discuss the FBI's missions to protect the U.S., its allies and its people.