Australian airports to install new liquid bottle scanner

Battelle and Sellex announced on Monday their LS10 liquid bottle scanner will be installed in international terminals in the Brisbane and Sydney airports.

The LS10 scanner is able to screen liquids, aerosols and gels in most containers for explosives and flammables. This scanning technology in airports would mean travelers would not have to remove those items from carry-on baggage.

London Heathrow Airport, Aberdeen, Glasgow International and Southhampton Airports purchased the LS10 liquid bottle scanner for its terminals after a trial period in 2013. Airports in Scandinavia also purchased the scanner.

"We continue to see interest from airports around the world," Mike Janus, the critical infrastructure general manager for Battelle National Security, said. "Airline and airport security officials are recognizing that the LS10 stands apart from other devices in its ability to scan such a wide array of containers-and to do so in a very small, compact size."

The LS10 scanner uses radio frequency and ultrasonic technology to investigate liquids aerosols and gels in containers. The scanner is able to distinguish between threats and benign substances. Tests show the new technology processes containers with a higher efficiency and with fewer false alarms.

The European Union will allow a limited category of liquids, aerosols and gels to be carried onto airplanes beginning in January.