IRT announces NFPA certification for air purifying system

Immediate Response Technologies, Inc., a Glenn Dale, Maryland-based decontamination and air purifying device development company, announced on Tuesday that its new air purification system successfully completed National Fire Protection Association certification.

IRT's CBRN CAP I C420 Powered Air Purifying Respiratory System is a respiratory protection system employing multiple IRT devices to protect first responders in wartime environments or during chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear events. The device uses IRT's PROMASK 2000, C420 blower and its CBRN CAP I filter canister to provide filtered breathing air and CBRN protection.

IRT's CBRN CAP I C420 previously received approval from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Along with the Kappler CBRN Protection Ensemble, the system was found to meet NFPA requirements for protective ensembles for first responders to CBRN terrorism incidents. The Kappler ensemble includes Lantex chemical barrier fabric, a neoprene face seal, attached booties and attached gloves.

The two systems were certified as a complete non-encapsulating CBRN protective ensemble, made effective on August 28.

"The IRT NIOSH-approved CBRN CAP 1 C420 PAPR System and Kappler CBT KPR 04 Lantex L3H45794 CBRN Protective Ensemble (Class 3) provides the ultimate in protection," IRT said. "Combined with the Army CBRX Camelback this ensemble provides enhanced comfort and deployment capabilities for CBRN and hazmat first responders."