U.S. says significant progress made with Iran in Geneva

While Iran was not able to accept the agreement presented at the P5+1 talks in Geneva, there was significant progress made during the negotiations, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the State Department, made the remarks on Tuesday during her daily press briefing. When asked about the Iran's apparent gutting of half the U.S. agreement draft on Thursday, Psaki said while the P5 is united, Iran is not yet prepared to accept such terms.

"I know some of this was a reaction to what (Secretary of State John Kerry) said (Monday), and I just wanted to reiterate what he did say, which was the P5 is united, there's a gap - still a gap between what language may be appropriate that the Iranians - that they are prepared to accept," Psaki said. "But we're all - he believes we're all negotiating in good faith, something he said many times over the weekend. And he said Iran couldn't take it at that particular moment. They weren't able to accept that particular agreement."

Psaki said the P5+1 came out of the negotiations united and that they will return late next week to continue the process. When asked if Kerry was blaming the Iranians for not accepting the deal, Psaki said blame didn't enter into it.

"At this point, fault is immaterial," Psaki said. "They didn't agree to an agreement. They're going to come back next week and continue the discussions and continue the negotiations. We narrowed the gaps. There are still issues that remain, and that's where things stand."

When asked if material posted by Iran on Twitter upset Kerry, Psaki said Kerry has no particular analysis of the tweeting.