OPCW holds course on chemical weapons protection in Islamabad

The OPCW recently helped to organize the 3rd International Course on Assistance and Protection Against Chemical Weapons in Islamabad, Pakistan, the organization announced on Monday.

The course, which was also organized by Pakistan's Chem-Bio Defence Cell and the Defence Science and Technology Organization, took place at the National Centre for Physics between October 28 and November 1. There were 14 OPCW-sponsored participants from 14 States Parties, in addition to seven participants from Pakistan.

The States Parties represented during the course included Vietnam, Tanzania, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Romania, Malaysia, Libya, Laos, Jordan, Iran, Cambodia, Chile, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The course included subject matter related to assistance and protection against chemical weapons under article X of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The course offered training in the use of protective equipment and in decontamination, detection and monitoring techniques used in response to chemical warfare agent attacks.

The participants on hand acquired knowledge of chemical emergency responses through the use of field exercises.

Representatives from Pakistan and 30 other CWC States Parties participated in the OPCW's 14th Annual Associate Programme between July 26 and September 27. The program helps to build the capacity of Member States in the peaceful uses of chemistry by training chemists and chemical engineers while promoting a wider understanding of the CWC and OPCW.