Hague says gaps are narrowing between Iran and other parties

While talks between Iran and other parties involved broke up last week without reaching an interim agreement, the gaps between the parties are narrowing, U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Monday.

Hague made the remarks in a statement to the House of Commons on Monday about the Iran nuclear negotiations and the situation in Syria. Hague said that after two days of intensive negotiations with Iran, an interim first step agreement was not reached in the effort to negotiate a comprehensive and final settlement. He did say, however, that many gaps were bridged between the parties involved.

"The talks broke up without reaching that interim agreement, because some gaps between the parties remain," Hague said. "While I cannot go into the details of the discussions while the talks continue I can say that most of those gaps are now narrow, and many others were bridged altogether during the negotiations. As we concluded the negotiations on Saturday night all six (P5+1) foreign ministers presented the same united position to Iran, which gives an extremely strong foundation for the next round of talks on November 20."

Hague said the U.K. is strongly in favor of reaching an interim agreement with Iran as a step toward the comprehensive settlement. He said that deal must be clear and detailed. Hague expressed no doubt that an agreement can be reached.

"I am convinced that the agreement we were discussing would be good for the security of the entire world, and we will pursue it with energy and persistence," Hague said.