Partners Geometric and Sierra Romeo announce new security system

Partners Geometrics, Inc., a San Jose, California-based manufacturer of geophysical instruments, and Sierra Romeo, LLC, an aviation and remote sensor company, recently announced the release of their Rogue Detection System.

The system, which is part of a joint venture between the two countries, was shipped for both commercial and military use in the Middle East. The RDS is a mobile, person-borne improvised explosive device and weapon interdiction system that uses magnetometers as part of a passive sensor array to screen public sites like transportation portals, national monuments and sporting events. RDS is able to be easily camouflaged to allow for discrete remote warnings of the motion of IEDs or weapons.

The RDS uses field proven sensors that can be deployed in road cones, flower pots and other commonly available housings. The RDS does not emit signals and therefore is not detectable by common scanning electronics. The system uses additional sensors to limit false positives and has wireless capability for remote monitoring.

"RDS will better protect America's precious national monuments, and also all of the national security special events," Bob Dowling, a subject matter expert with the Washington-based Tactical, LLC, said. "RDS is definitely a security force-multiplier!"

Partners Geometrics and Sierra Romeo said the RDS system allows for protection without a significant investment during a time where concerns over budget constraints and the need for security are on the rise.