TSA awards Optosecurity contract for threat detection tools

The Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration announced on Nov. 4 that it has awarded Optosecurity Corporation a contract for advanced threat detection and screening software.

The contract was issued under the Transportation Security Innovative Concepts Broad Agency Announcement and states Optosecurity will provide TSA with eVelocity advanced threat detection software and OptoScreener screening hardware to be installed at various security checkpoints.

OptoScreener is an addition to existing X-ray detection hardware that enables the detection of liquid explosives, liquid agents, firearms, bottles and other threats. eVelocity is a software that enables the syncing of operational data from X-ray machines made by various manufacturers. It provides image analysis of scanned items, queuing services and alarm resolution remotely.

"Optosecurity applauds TSA for its efforts to implement effective risk-based security solutions and specifically Mr. Pistole's focus on 'delivering the most effective security in the most efficient way,'" Optosecurity President and CEO Eric Bergeron said. "We are confident that TSA will find in its evaluations that Optosecurity solutions can significantly contribute to those goals."

Optosecurity recently received the European Civil Avian Conference Type C Performance Standard 2 certification for its liquid explosive detection systems. Optosecurity provides economical, efficient and effective security threat detection solutions to its clients, which include major airports across Europe.