Record-breaking number of statements issued during U.N. disarmament session

The session of the First Committee on Disarmament and International Security that closed on Tuesday resulted in a record-breaking number of statements delivered, indicating increased awareness on disarmament issues, according to the committee chair.

Ibrahim Dabbashi, the committee chair and Libya's deputy permanent representative to the U.N., said on Tuesday that the statements delivered during the general and thematic debates indicated more dynamic participation by the delegates present. Since the session began on October 7, the committee heard 101 statements during the general debates and 241 statements during the thematic debates.

Dabbashi said the committee made significant progress in advancing the disarmament and non-proliferation agenda. In total, the committee approved 48 resolutions and five decisions. A draft on transparency in armaments encountered deep division and required nine separate recorded votes on individual provisions.

Dabbashi said the committee worked together to live up to the expectations of the international community to address the growing challenges to global security. Member States seized the momentum created by last year's initiatives to take multilateral negotiations on nuclear disarmament forward and intensified their disarmament efforts.

According to Dabbashi, the humanitarian aspect of nuclear disarmament also contributed to the effort to achieve disarmament. Such efforts included calls for the establishment of a Middle East zone free of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.