Implant Sciences announces sale of handheld explosives detectors in China

Implant Sciences Corporation announced on Wednesday the sale of multiple handheld explosives trace detectors to a customer in China for use in several locations to protect nuclear power plants in "multi-layered security environments."

Implant Sciences supplies high technology systems and sensors to security and defense markets around the world. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Darryl Jones said the company has supplied the QS-H150 handheld device for nuclear power plant protection to countries such as Japan and Spain, but this is the first sale for this purpose in China.

"We've been selling our QS-H150s in China since 2005, and during that time they have earned a well-deserved reputation for superior performance," Vice President of Sales and Marketing Darryl Jones said. "QS-H150s are trusted for use in the most mission-critical settings. "

The QS-H150 provides detection of trace amounts of military, commercial and homemade explosives using ion-mobility spectrometry. Because the device does not have radioactive material, it is low-maintenance, self-calibrating and self-clearing, and is able to perform in a variety of temperatures and climates.

Implant Sciences is the first American-owned company to have product qualifications from the United States Transportation Security Administration, according to its website. The company has also received STAC certification from France and Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation from the United States Department of Homeland Security.