U.S. seeks verifiable agreement to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon

The U.S. seeks a verifiable agreement that will ensure that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon, the White House said on Monday.

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, made the remarks on Monday during a press briefing. Carney responded to a question about this week's talks on Iran's nuclear program in Geneva. When asked what the U.S. expected from the talks, Carney said the U.S. goal is to sign an agreement that will keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

"Our goal is to achieve a verifiable agreement that does not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon," Carney said. "And we've said, obviously, that the window is open for us to pursue this option, to achieve our goal of not allowing Iran to possess a nuclear weapon, and we're going to aggressively pursue that while the window is open. But it won't remain open indefinitely."

Carney said the current situation is not about the history of mistrust between the U.S. and Iran. He said it is about the substantive negotiations that could stop Iran's nuclear program, gain transparency into Iran's nuclear activities and allow for the negotiation of a comprehensive and long-term solution to resolve the international community's concerns about Iran's nuclear program.

Carney said the U.S. is obligated to take this opportunity to negotiate with Iran.

"We're obviously going into this eyes wide open, but as we've discussed in the past, we need to take advantage of this opportunity to see if, in fact, Iran is serious about addressing the international community's concerns when it comes to its nuclear weapons program in a way that is verifiable for the United States and the whole international community that's concerned about it," Carney said.