NOVA sells first ConPass body scanner

Nova Security Group announced on Thursday that it has sold and installed its first ConPASS body scanner.

Nova Chief Executive Officer George Brown said the security scanner eliminates the need for strip and physical searches while still providing a method for detecting contraband.

"ConPass is designed to see entirely through the body, thus allowing corrections personnel to detect dangerous contraband hidden in body cavities," Brown said.

Nova creates contraband detection and security systems for jails, prisons and courthouses. It first developed a handheld stun gun in 1983 based on John Cover's patent of the TASER.

"The use of deadly force is not an acceptable option for the average person and in most cases it is not needed, thus Nova developed a means of less lethal defense that would not cause permanent harm to the assailant," Nova said on its website.

Nova is developing contraband detection devices for mailrooms and prison cells, and offers hand wands, baggage scanners, walk-through metal detectors and air-cargo security.

The company also produces electronic pulse devices that are used by law enforcement agencies. Nova's mission is to "provide products and training to reduce injury to law enforcement officers and to protect the public through use of electronic force."