Thermo Fisher Scientific releases new handheld radiation detector

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., an international company using innovative technologies to serve science, announced the release on Thursday of a handheld radiation isotope identifier meant to protect first responders from harmful radiation.

The Thermo Scientific RIIDEye X handheld radiation isotope identifier can be used by first responders like firefighters, police and border protection officers to detect and identify radiation in the environment. The instrument is designed to identify and locate neutron and gamma radiation sources in people, semi-solids, liquids, solids, food and cargo. The device is engineered for use in almost any environment.

"The RIIDEye X was designed to provide the fastest, most accurate radiation detection in the most challenging conditions our customers encounter," Scott Masiella, the product line manager for spectroscopy at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said. "In addition, RIIDEye X was engineered for use by personnel with little experience in radiation measurement, giving a wide range of first responders a new tool needed to quickly detect radiation in the field."

The company showcased the RIIDEye X instrument during the CBRNe Convergence Congress and Exhibition in San Diego last week.

The RIIDEye X was first released in 2012, but was redesigned to improve the detection and identification of harmful radiation in severe environments. Thermo Fisher Scientific said the new device is meant to improve detection speed and accuracy while making complicated spectroscopic readings easier to understand.