Thermo Fisher Scientific reveals new handheld radiation isotope detector RIIDEye X

Thermo Fisher Scientific revealed on Tuesday its handheld radiation isotope detection unit RIIDEye X, which was designed for use by first responders to detect harmful radiation and the coordinates, type and quantity of the threat.

The RIIDEye X is equipped for the detection of gamma and neutron radiation sources within cargo, food, solid materials, semi-solid materials, liquids or inside the body. The unit is lightweight, compact, dust proof, water resistant and can withstand damage from falls of up to one meter.

"The RIIDEye X was designed to provide the fastest, most accurate radiation detection in the most challenging conditions our customers encounter," Thermo Fisher Product Line Manager of Spectroscopy Scott Masiella said. "In addition, RIIDEye X was engineered for use by personnel with little experience in radiation measurement, giving a wide range of first responders a new tool needed to quickly detect radiation in the field."

The RIIDEye X has a number of new updates from the older model, the RIIDEye, including a Patented Quadratic Compression Conversion algorithm for up-to-date information, a Special Nuclear Materials assist for enhanced detection and accurate scan times and a CLYC neutron detector that does not use He3.

Thermo Fisher unveiled the handheld device at the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Convergence Congress and Exhibition.