Syria submits declaration of chemical weapons, destruction plan

Syrian leaders submitted an initial declaration of the country's chemical weapons program and a general plan for its destruction to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for review on Sunday.

In September, the OPCW Executive Council set Sunday as the submission deadline for the documents. The OPCW seeks to verify the location of chemical factories and installments in the country and to systematically destroy its chemical weapons program. The OPCW Executive Committee will consider the general plan for destruction and will follow up with further action.

The documents were submitted under the guidelines of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The CWC calls on state leaders to document their country's chemical manufacturing activities and facilities. Chemical activities and facilities that aren't prohibited by the convention are still subject to verification measures.

The verification measures are designed to build confidence and allow for use of certain chemical materials for peaceful, commercial activities that don't involve weapons.

The OPCW-U.N. Joint Mission in Syria has also submitted its first monthly report on investigators' work in the country to the U.N. Security Council for review. The report included progress in the investigation that began Oct. 1. The report also outlines inoperable chemical weapons production facilities throughout the country as well as mixing and filling plants.