Sigma Labs awarded second contract from Los Alamos for ARIES program

Sigma Labs, Inc., announced on Friday that it has entered into contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory for the support and advancement of the Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System program.

This is the second contract between Sigma Labs and Los Alamos National Laboratory for the ARIES program. Under the contract, Sigma Labs will be responsible for manufacturing the technology to support the program, which seeks to disassemble and destroy surplus plutonium pits.

"This latest contract is one in a series of awards that validates our expertise and our ability to deliver solid technical results to the most demanding applications in the world, namely U.S. National Security and reducing the threat of weapons proliferation," Sigma Labs President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Cola said.

The ARIES program is based on an agreement between the United States and the Russian Federation for the destruction of 34 metric tons of weapons grade materials to be converted into nuclear fuel. The program was established to minimize the global threat of nuclear proliferation.

"This latest contract is part of a broader engagement strategy that Sigma Labs is implementing with the U.S. National Laboratories covering advanced manufacturing technology areas ranging from additive manufacturing and 3D printing to critical U.S. National Security objectives such as ARIES," Cola said.

The contract is expected to generate up to $178,000 for Sigma Labs.