Angela Kane: Disarmament is the key to international peace and security

United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane delivered a speech Wednesday at the Future Policy Award Ceremony and said disarmament is key to achieving long-term international peace, development and security.

Kane gave her speech on behalf of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Kane praised the attendees of the Ceremony for their focus toward eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons, illicit trafficking of weapons and dedication towards disarmament.

"I commend your focus on disarmament - a challenge that has received much needed attention this year," Kane said. "In recent months, the international community has worked together to tackle the threat of chemical weapons. We made important progress with the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty, but we must continue all efforts to prevent the illicit trafficking in weapons, especially small arms and light weapons. The free flow of weapons heightens tensions, undermines peace processes, fuels armed violence and prevents the achievement of sustainable development. At the same time, nuclear weapons continue to cast a long shadow over humanity and pose an appalling threat to life on earth."

Kane said disarmament is the key to sustained peace, development and international security. She also said the 2013 Future Policy Award is an inspiration and a roadmap toward global nuclear disarmament.

"I congratulate the organizations and countries being honored this evening as well as all others working to further our shared goal of strengthening peace and advancing our common security through disarmament," Kane said.