Alternative Representative Christopher Buck: International will for disarmament is present

Alternative Representative to the U.S. First Committee Delegation Christopher Buck made a statement on Tuesday at the Thematic Discussion on Disarmament Machinery, saying the international will for disarmament is present, independent of disarmament machinery design.

Buck began his speech by answering a question regarding capabilities of disarmament machinery. He said the U.S. views the First Special Session of the United Nations general Assembly Devoted to Disarmament's decision on disarmament machinery as valid and relevant.

Buck said the U.S. supports creative ideas concerning disarmament including one idea recently proposed by the Informal Working Group. Buck did say, however, that regardless of the capabilities of disarmament machinery, this is not the real issue.

"What is needed is a willingness among all states to use this machinery as it was initially intended, and to recognize that the special features of this machinery are designed to allow States to protect their national interests," Buck said. "Circumventing existing machinery in ways that do not provide such a failsafe or establishing instead some new conference - such as a Fourth Special Session of the United Nations Devoted to Disarmament or an International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament - do not offer a fruitful way forward. Rather, we believe these ideas could actually contribute to slowing down progress. The bottom line is that these alternatives are not likely to offer remedies to the challenges confronting us."

Buck said the political will to achieve international disarmament is present, as represented by the Arms Trade Treaty gaining approval and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and International Atomic Energy Agency receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.