Special Coordinator Kaag: Syria is fully cooperating with OPCW-UN joint mission

Head of the joint mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and United Nations Special Coordinator Sigrid Kaag recently said the Syrian Government is cooperating fully towards the destruction of its chemical weapons program.

"To date, the Government of Syria has fully cooperated in supporting the work of the advance team and the OPCW-UN Joint Mission," Kaag said on Tuesday from Damascus.

The OPCW-UN investigatory team has conducted inspections at 17 sites. Fourteen of the sites have already made their chemical weapons production equipment facilities inoperable.

The Technical Secretariat remains involved, assisting Syria in disabling its chemical weapons production plants.

While taking part in the destruction of Syria's chemical weapon program, the U.N. has not lost sight of the conflict in Syria. The U.N. Refugee Agency has helped bring relief to approximately 2,500 refugees.

It is believed that thousands of Syrian people are still trapped in Mouadamiya and in other difficult-to-reach cities across Syria. The UNHCR is attempting to reach these people before the winter weather sets in.

"UNHCR observed that many of the displaced are living in buildings that lack windows, doors and electricity," UNCHR Spokesperson Adrian Edwards said. "People in this area will soon urgently require thermal blankets and plastic sheets to deal with winter temperatures."