QNA announces TALON robots actively used in 30 countries

QinetiQ North America announced on Monday that its TALON robot is actively used in 30 countries in a wide range of scenarios, including military forces, bomb squads, fire departments and more.

TALONs made their debut more than a decade ago and have received a reputation for durability, modularity, performance and flexibility from users that rely upon the robots in a number of different dangerous situations worldwide.

TALON robots are currently the most popular medium-sized robot in the world. They are used in the U.S., Canada, Japan and countries in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

TALON robots are commonly used to assist military forces in the detection of improvised explosive devices and explosive ordnance disposal missions. TALON robots in Iraq were blown up an average of 13 times, received repairs in "robot hospitals" and went on to detect more than 30,000 IEDs in the nation. The use of robots keeps civilians, military personnel and law enforcement personnel safe from IED and EOD risks.

"Warfighters, first responders and civilians are constantly put into harm's way," QinetiQ Chief Executive Officer J.D. Crouch said. "With TALON's robust design, multiple configurations and accessories, our medium robot has become a world-class lifesaver, and we are proud to provide its capabilities to countries around the globe."