ASC will outfit United Kingdom Royal Air Force with IR decoys

Alloy Surfaces Company, Inc., announced on Monday that it was awarded a $10.8 million contract for the manufacture of infrared special material decoy devices that will protect United Kingdom Royal Air Force Fighters.

ASC will supply BOL IR Covert Multi-Spectral Special Material Decoys, which protect helicopters and airplanes from infrared and other missile strikes, to the Royal Air Force through December 2015. The company's SMDs also allow for aircraft covertness in both nighttime and daytime settings. BOL IR technology also protects aircraft from shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile attacks, commonly referred to as Man Portable Air Defense Systems.

All manufacturing work for the contract will be completed at the ACS facility in Chester Township, Pa. The multi-year contract will conclude in December 2015.

"We are very pleased to receive this contract order as the Royal Air Force continues to express its confidence and trust in our special material decoys," ASC President Lawrence D'Andrea said.

ASC also manufactures aircraft decoy devices for use by the U.S. Army and Air Force, as well as allied forces around the world.

ASC is a subsidiary of Chemring Group PLC' s USA division along with Kilgore Flares LLC.