MEADS tracks, intercepts ballistic missile during test

A multifunction fire control radar developed by MEADS International, Inc., successfully tracked and acquired a ballistic missile during a test in New Mexico on Monday.

After the balistic missile was fired, the Medium Extended Air Defense System X-brand MFCR located it and maintained contact until just before the missile made impact with the ground. The test demonstrated the radar's 360-degree rotational capability.

"No other transportable air and missile defense radar provides the MEADS combination of 360-degree coverage, superior range and positioning flexibility," MEADS International President Dave Berganini said. "We are looking forward to showing the capability that MEADS radars and launchers can add as part of an integrated air and missile defense network."

In a test planned next month, a MEADS mobile air and missile defense system will attempt to counteract a ballistic missile and other air-breathing targets. The test will further demonstrate the solid-state, active, electronically steered array radar's ability to track maneuverable, low-profile threats, including ballistic and cruise missiles.

"The MEADS program is continuing to meet its commitments," MEADS International Executive Vice President Volker Weldemann said. "In the past few months, MEADS has successfully demonstrated radar cueing, interoperability with networked NATO systems, certification of the Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe system and acquisition and tracking of a tactical ballistic missile during the system's first attempt."