CACI receives $40M contract to support Army intelligence

CACI International, Inc., announced on Monday that it will provide technical support to the U.S. Army's Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate under terms of a $40 million-contract.

CACI was contracted to help foster the quick response capability of I2WD, which supplies intelligence information to armed forces personnel.

CACI's main objective will be to develop the Army's ability to gather passive and active signals intelligence that can be used to ensure the safety and success of U.S. troops, with an emphasis on the interception of "modern communications and associated technologies."

"CACI's continuing work for the U.S. Army reinforces our proven solutions and services for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance within the C4ISR arena," CACI Chief Operating Officer and President of U.S. Operations John Mengucci said. "Our team will provide quick-reaction support for the Army in developing innovative technologies that deliver intelligence our troops can use to dominate the battlespace."

CACI previously provided technical support to I2WD. The company also provided intelligence solutions to support other areas of national security and federal programs.

"This award with the U.S. Army I2WD aligns with our growth strategy and broadens our business in our C41SR high-volume market area," CACI President and CEO Ken Asbury said. "Recognizing the changing requirement of the defense intelligence community and the evolving threat environment, CACI continually provides the most relevant capabilities to counter today's threats and support future initiatives."