All Hands Fire Equipment releases new pocket-sized radiation detector

All Hands Fire Equipment, a Neptune, New Jersey-based fire and safety equipment provider, announced the release on Wednesday of Radalert, a new pocket-sized radiation detector.

Given the news reports on radiation due to the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, All Hands said many people are concerned about radiation and looking for ways to ensure their safety against radiation.

"With radiation leaking into the Pacific, the U.S. West Coast and Canadian Pacific coastline is at risk of contamination so All Hands Fire Equipment is announcing a personal radiation detector," Donald Colarusso, the president of All Hands, said. "You can take it to the beach or to your local fish market and check the fish before you buy it. Doomsday preppers will want to add a radiation detector to their survival gear but whether you believe that there are real dangers or just want to be extra safe, our radiation detectors offer some great features and benefits."

According to All Hands, Japan admitted in August that there are 300 metric tons of radioactive groundwater seeping into the Pacific Ocean every day.

Radalert is one of many emergency preparedness items sold by All Hands. The Radalert 100 costs $699 and is available on the All Hands website.