Heathrow Airport to deploy Battelle and Sellex liquid bottle scanner

Air travelers in Great Britain will soon experience a new security screening technology that will let them bring liquids on airplanes, Battelle announced on Tuesday.

The LS10 liquid bottle scanner was developed, produced and marketed by Battelle, a Columbus, Ohio-based science and technology company, and Sellex International, a market and product development company also based in Columbus. The scanner is able to to scan aerosols, gels and liquids in nearly any container for threats like explosives.

"The ability to scan such a wide array of containers-and to do so in a very small, compact size-is what sets us apart," Mike Janus, the critical infrastructure general manager for Battelle National Security, said. "We've been able to successfully scan everything from toothpaste tubes to a treasured set of porcelain cows filled with liquor purchased in a duty-free shop."

Heathrow Airport Limited recently bought the LS10 for use in terminals at London Heathrow Airport, in addition to Aberdeen, Glasgow International and Southampton Airports. Multiple airports in Scandinavia also bought the LS10 for screening liquids, aerosols and gels at security checkpoints.

In January, the European Union will start allowing a limited categories of liquids, aerosols and gels to be carried onto airplanes to make the safe, quick scanning of such materials a part of airline security and passenger flow through checkpoints.