White House says Iran nuclear issue is very complicated

The Iran nuclear issue includes some very complicated and very technical issues, though there is hope for progress during the P5+1 talks, the White House said on Tuesday.

Jay Carney, the press secretary for the White House, made the remarks on Tuesday during a daily press briefing. Carney discussed a presentation by Iran made during the P5+1 talks in Geneva. He said the U.S. would not negotiate the issue in public or go into details of the proposal, but he noted the U.S. remains hopeful for progress.

"These are very complicated issues -- in some cases, very technical issues," Carney said. "And as (President Obama) has said, the mistrust here is very deep. But we hope for progress in Geneva. And although we appreciate the recent change in tone from the Iranian government on this issue, we will be looking for specific steps that address core issues, such as the pace and scope of its enrichment program, the transparency of its overall nuclear program and its stockpiles of enrichment."

Carney said the P5+1 is seeking an agreement that will resolve all of the international community's concerns about Iran's nuclear program. During the negotiations, the U.S. plans to keep up economic sanctions on Iran.

When asked to characterize the presentation, Carney reiterated that the U.S. is hopeful for progress in Geneva.