U.S. State Department lays out goals of P5+1

The U.S. State Department laid out on Monday the three main goals it would like to achieve in relation to Iran's nuclear program during the P5+1 talks in Geneva.

A senior administration official made the remarks during a background briefing in Geneva on Monday. The official talked about three objectives the State Department is seeking during the talks with Iran and the other foreign diplomats.

The first goal is related to an agreement with Iran that resolves all international concerns about the country's nuclear program.

"(An agreement) that both ensures Iran meets its responsibilities under the (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation Treaty) and various U.N. Security Council resolutions and also that respects the rights of the Iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy," the official said.

The second objective concerns sanctions imposed on Iran. The official said the international community is united in keeping the sanctions on Iran throughout the negotiation process.

"While we negotiate we will keep up the economic pressure on Iran," the official said. "Indeed, we believe that that pressure, which is a result of Iran's own choices, has gotten us in large measure where we are today."

The third goal regards the U.S. making judgments on Iran's actions, not its words alone.

"A conciliatory tone, an open tone, will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable," the official said. "We will be looking for specific steps that address core issues, such as the pace and scope of its enrichment program, the transparency of its overall nuclear program, and its stockpiles of enriched uranium."

The official said the U.S. is seeking confidence-building measures that address some priority concerns on the way to a more comprehensive agreement.