Hotzone Solutions Group announces successful completion of Live-Agent Training

Hotzone Solutions Group announced on Tuesday the successful completion of a Live-Agent Training Pilot Module with Chemical Warfare Agents in the Czech Republic for six students, including the first deaf person to complete the training.

The course took place from September 30 to October 3 at Voyenský Výzkumný Ústav, one of the few facilities in Europe to offer practical and hands-on training with real chemical agents. The students took part in the Master Course in Protection Against CBRN incidents. Hotzone Solutions Group organized the course for the students.

The course set out to prepare participants with knowledge of how to properly analyze, prepare for and implement an effective response to potential incidents, whether accidental or criminal, involving the use of chemical weapons.

The course curriculum included detection and protective equipment against chemical warfare agents, laboratory sampling and analysis using simulants and analysis using real samples of Mustard gas, Sarin and VX. Trainers also taught students how to wear personal protective equipment such as masks, canisters, gloves, suits and shoes .

Co-owner and director of operations at Hotzone Solutions group Dieter Rothbacher led the course lectures. Rothbacher has a background as a former inspector, team leader and head of training unit at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. He also helped first-hand in the weapons inspection and destruction mission in Iraq, led by the United Nations.

The module marked the first time a deaf person, Luca Rotondi, successfully completed training of this type.