Weapons detection system marketed for commercial use

A device that can detect improvised explosive devices and concealed weapons on individuals is now being marketed for commercial use in the Middle East.

The Rogue Detection System was previously marketed for use by military personnel by Geometrics, Inc., and Sierra Romeo, LLC. The RDS can be used in collaboration with a metal detection system to secure public transportation hubs, national power grids, border checkpoints and other public places where crowds gather, according to the companies.

The RDS has been designed to detect armed pedestrians as they approach high-traffic areas where metal detectors and other screening devices are in use. Then, once an armed individual is detected, officials can intercept them before an attack.

The RDS can be camouflaged and programmed to remotely detect moving explosive devices. The data can then be transmitted to a secure, remote area. Additionally, the device does not utilize pulse-induction technology, so it does not transmit signals that can be intercepted by individuals who attempt to pinpoint the location of concealed weapon detection technology in high-traffic areas.

The RDS is not designed to replace traditional screening methods. Rather, it's designed to be used in collaboration with them to make security checkpoints more secure.