OPCW Director-General comments on OPCW Nobel Peace Prize

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Director-General Ahmet uzumcu spoke to the media on Friday and thanked the Nobel Committee for awarding the OPCW the Nobel Peace Prize.

"The decision by the Nobel Committee to bestow this year's Peace Prize on the OPCW is a great honor for our Organization," uzumcu said. "We are a small organization which for over 16 years, and away from the glare of international publicity, has shouldered an onerous but noble task - to act as the guardian of the global ban on chemical weapons that took effect in 1997."

Since the Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force in 1997, uzumcu said members of the OPCW have worked with "quiet determination" to see that chemical weapons cease to threaten the world.

uzumcu commented on the recent confirmed use of chemical weapons in Syria, and gave his condolences to those affected by the chemical attack.

"Events in Syria have been a tragic reminder that there remains much work yet to be done," uzumcu said. "Our hearts go out to the Syrian people who were recently victims of the horror of chemical weapons."

uzumcu thanked OPCW States Parties and the international community who support the OPCW's vision of a chemical-weapon-free world.

"The recognition that the Peace Prize brings will spur us to untiring effort, even stronger commitment and greater dedication," uzumcu said. "I look forward to accepting this award in humility and in recognition of the professionalism of our staff, both past and present, and the strong support we have received from our States Parties."