Chemring Ordnance awarded $15.4 million add-on to APOBS contract

Chemring Ordnance, Inc., a subsidiary of the Chemring Group, announced on Thursday that it was awarded a contract modification on its Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System from the U.S. Army valued at $15.4 million.

The new addition to the existing contract brings the total contract value up to more than $125 million. The modification of the contract is for the production of APOBS MK7 MOD 2 units.

The APOBS is a one-shot, self-contained, expendable linear demolition charge meant to clear a safe path for persons through an area protected by anti-personnel mines or multi-strand wire obstacles. The unit is transported and deployed by a team of two people.

"We are delighted in the US Army customer's continued confidence in Chemring to provide protection for their soldiers and marines," Chemring Ordnance President Michael Quesenberry said.

Chemring is one of the leading manufacturers of military countermeasures in the world. It serves more than 80 countries worldwide with products that include countermeasures for aircraft protection and radars for the detection of ground-dwelling explosive devices.

Chemring Ordnance develops, designs and manufactures demolition and military munitions parts. Its products provide military personnel, military infrastructures and communities protection against a range of regional threats present in different areas around the world.