Kerry applauds South Korea's role in denuclearization

Following a meeting with the president of South Korea on Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said no country is challenged more by North Korea and praised South Korea's "very measured and careful approach."

Kerry and Korean President Park Geun-hye reaffirmed the alliance between the two countries after a meeting in Bandar Seri Begawan, South Korea. Park recently traveled to the United States for a meeting with members of the Obama administration in which the countries agreed on a number of objectives.

"We have been able to see our partnership evolve further into a comprehensive strategic alliance," Park said. "I also feel it's very meaningful that we have been steadily implementing, one by one, the items that we agreed to during that meeting, for instance, the revision to the nuclear energy cooperation agreement between our two countries as well as other major issues as well in the spirit of our alliance. And I look forward to continuing to do that in the spirit of our alliance."

Kerry said that the he is "very grateful" for the diplomatic role that Park has played internationally, and in particular, in regard to her dealings with North Korea.

"You've been firm, but at the same time, you've tried to reach out," Kerry said. "My hope is, madam president, that with the conversations we've had with the Chinese here - and I'm sure you share this - that we're all on the same page and in a place where denuclearization and serious steps to move toward it are the key, and that has to define our policy."