Hill confirms the U.S. commitment to counterterrorism to U.N. General Assembly

U.S. Deputy Legal Adviser on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations Steven Hill spoke on October 7 at the U.N. General Assembly Sixth Committee on U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

"The United States reiterates both its firm condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as well as our commitment to the common fight to end terrorism," Hill said. "All acts of terrorism - by whomever committed - are criminal, inhumane and unjustifiable, regardless of motivation. An unwavering and united effort by the international community is required if we are to succeed in preventing these heinous acts. In this respect, we recognize the United Nations' central role in coordinating the efforts by member states in countering terrorism and bolstering the ability of states to prevent terrorist acts. We express our firm support for these UN efforts, as well as those of the Global Counterterrorism Forum and other multilateral bodies aimed at developing practical tools to further the implementation of the UN CT framework."

Hill said the U.S. looks forward to a review of the U.N. Global Counterterrorism Strategy as a chance to improve the fight against terrorism, which includes border management and derailing the funding of terrorism.

Hill commended the United Nations on its success and confirmed negotiations within the U.S. to discuss the approval of the Nuclear Terrorism Convention, the CPPNM Amendment and the SUA Protocols.

"As we move forward with our collective efforts to ratify and implement these instruments, the United States remains willing to work with other states to build upon and enhance the counterterrorism framework," Hill said. "Concerning the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, we recognize that, despite the best efforts of the Ad Hoc Committee Chair and Coordinator, negotiations remain at an impasse on current proposals. We will listen carefully to the statements of other delegates at this session as we continue to grapple with these challenging issues."