Hungarian Embassy hosts seminar on strengthening nuclear security

Organizations gathered at the Hungarian Embassy on Tuesday to explore how nuclear security efforts impact proliferation of other weapons of mass destruction and ways to broaden security efforts.

The seminar was organized by the Permanent Mission of Hungary to the U.N. in collaboration with the U.N. Office of Disarmament Affairs and the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation. The objective of the seminar was to explore how nuclear security impacts other weapons of mass destruction and expansion of states' obligation to prevent proliferation of chemical, biological and other weapons.

Officials discussed handing down broader, stronger guidelines that would require stricter state regulation of any materials that could be used for a weapon of mass destruction. The new requirements could be accomplished through expansion of Resolution 1540, which already requires that every state adopt legislation to prevent nuclear, chemical and biological weapon proliferation.

Discussions during the seminar, which was titled "Developing a Comprehensive Security Culture," will serve as a launching point for further examination of the issue and possible changes to Resolution 1540. Going forward, steps taken to strengthen security by Vienna-based organizations could serve as a model for other organizations and states.

The matter could be a topic of discussion at the third Nuclear Security Summit, which will be held in Austria in April 2014.