OPCW to deploy second team of inspectors to Syria

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' Technical Secretariat announced on Tuesday that it will deploy a second team of inspectors for the mission in Syria.

The second team will augment the advance team of OPCW experts who traveled to Syria on October 1 to conduct verification and destruction activities.

Ahmet uzumcu, the director-general of the OPCW, reported on the progress of the mission in Syria during his opening statement to the 74th session of the OPCW Executive Council. uzumcu said that Syria submitted additional information to update its initial disclosure of chemical weapons on October 4. The information drew, in part, on technical assistance given by the OPCW. The additional disclosure will help the OPCW plan future activities in Syria.

uzumcu told the council that Syrian officials started destroying certain Category III chemical weapons and disabling or destroying a range of items. The goal in Syria is to render all production facilities and mixing and filling equipment unusable by November 1.

"These developments present a constructive beginning for what will nonetheless be a long and difficult process," uzumcu said.

uzumcu said he would soon sign a supplementary agreement between the OPCW and the U.N. to facilitate security, field and logistics support by the U.N. for the joint mission. uzumcu thanked OPCW States Parties for their contributions and offers of assistance for the mission.