IAC lands contract for armored vehicles from Africa valued at $3.5 million

The International Armoring Corporation announced on October 1 that an electric utility organization in Africa placed an order for 34 armored Toyota Hi-Lux vehicles, valued at more than $3.5 million.

The vehicles will be designed to have B6 level protection and equipped with high powered rifles. The materials needed to armor the vehicle will be built at an IAC facility and shipped to a foreign IAC shop for installation. The contract is expected to be complete by February 2014.

IAC products have recently been in higher demand due to global security threats. IAC offers armoring for vehicles, tractors, snowcat machines, taxi cabs and regular passenger vehicles. Some of the countries IAC has served includes Turkey, Israel and Iraq.

"An increasing number of clients are seeing IAC as more than a passenger vehicle armoring company," IAC Vice President of Product Development Andrew Burton said. "Whatever security concerns exist, IAC is a capable source for design and manufacturing. The African utility company contract is a perfect example where a need was recognized and a solution developed."

IAC uses a proprietary material for its armoring technology, Armormax, which is lightweight and strong. IAC has become one of the most sought after brands in ballistic capability engineering. The company also designs specialty products, such as utility trucks, upon request.