UNODA 2013 Future Policy Award candidates released

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs announced on Monday that it has decided on a list of seven final contenders for the 2013 Future Policy Award.

The award is organized by UNODA, the World Future Council and the Inter-Parliamentary Union. This year's goal was to promote disarmament policies that can contribute to peace and sustain development and security.

The Future Policy Award celebrates a wide range of novel policy approaches to disarmament and other policies that promote better living conditions for future generations.

The World Future Council received 25 policies from 15 countries and six regions after placing a worldwide call for nominations. A jury of experts, after looking at the subjects using in-depth research, narrowed down the candidates to just seven policies.

Disarmament issues related to nuclear and chemical weapons, as well as the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty, were regularly featured in headlines this year, according to UNODA. Weapons of mass destruction are a threat to life on Earth and the illegal trade of small arms increases tensions, works against peace and incites armed violence. The seven policies nominated for the Future Policy Award reflect successful approaches designed to handle disarmament issues at the national and regional level.

The winning policies will be announced at a press conference on October 23 at the U.N. headquarters in New York. The event will kickoff United Nations Disarmament week, which will take place from Oct. 24 to 30.