PACE welcomes chemical weapons plan for Syria, warns it won't stop war

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe welcomed a new plan to eliminate Syrian chemical weapons on Thursday, but warned it would not stop the war.

The resolution to eliminate the Syrian chemical weapon stockpile was unanimously approved on Thursday. PACE said that all the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity in Syria need to be brought to justice, which might include an International Criminal Court if required.

While backing these resolutions and statements, PACE remained cautious about the current civil war. PACE said that while this step forward is one towards peace, it still does not stop the ongoing conflict.

PACE also looked at resolutions to back efforts that would institute a ceasefire and the creation of a peace conference in Geneva. PACE asked for all Member States to support the emergence of a democratic state in Syria that would respect human rights, rather than look for the fall of the current regime.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was created after World War II as a body of representatives that could speak for Europe as a whole. PACE meets four times a year for week-long sessions to discuss current issues and debate and vote on recommendations, resolutions and opinions.