Alluviam releases version 17 of its CBRNe decision support system

Alluviam announced on Thursday that it has released version 17 of the HazMasterG3, a handheld chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive decision support system.

The HazMasterG3 is a unique tool with the ability to answer questions first responders and other who deal with CBRNE related materials have about a substance or situation they are dealing with. The new version 17 of the HazMasterG3 comes with an expanded database of more than 165,000 materials and trade names to help first responders make more informed decisions.

The HazMasterG3 is used by top-tier federal law enforcement, forensics, fire and military officials. It can answer such questions as what kind of chemical warfare agents could likely be used in Syria or what, and how much of, material is needed to make a home-made explosive.

Originally adopted by the U.S. Military, NATO and other civilian and military agencies, the HazMasterG3 provides information with interoperable support on MS-Windows, Android, iOS and net-centric installations.

The HazMasterG3 is certified and approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security as an anti-terrorism technology. The device is also U.S. Army Joint Battle Command Platform compatible.