U.K. police simulate chemical attack

The U.K. Police National CBRN center at Ryton announced on September 23 that it used Argon simulators to support a chemical terrorism exercise.

The exercise was conducted at the ICC Convention center in Birmingham on August 15 and was funded by the European Union. The funding came as part of a new project to provide a way of analyzing how members of the public react to emergencies and to test the coordinated response of the emergency services in relation to a CBRN related incident.

For the exercise, Argon simulators were given to the Multi Agency Incident Assessment Teams. Simulation sources were set up at strategic places around the auditorium, along with being placed on certain individuals who could be considered "contaminated." Chemical warfare detectors were also used the MAIAT team to help scene commanders receive important information on what was happening.

"The Argon Simulation Kit proved to be invaluable at this exercise, as the equipment provided a realistic response to a simulated area of contamination," a training sergeant for the Police National CBRN Centre said. "An added advantage to this equipment relates to its ability to log user errors from the moment it is switched on, thus enhancing the debrief process."