U.S. must evaluate chance to end Iran's nuclear program

While concerns remain about how genuine Iran's statements are on ending its nuclear program, the U.S. must see if the diplomatic opening results in denuclearization, the U.S. State Department said on Monday.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the State Department, made the remarks on Monday during her daily press briefing. Psaki responded to a question about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statements that Iran's recent remarks about ending its nuclear campaign are nothing but a smokescreen for nefarious purposes. She said the U.S. shares Israel's concern.

"We share a concern with the Israelis about Iran's nuclear program," Psaki said. "There's been no secret about that. There's no doubt it will be a topic of conversation, but there's a range of issues they'll likely talk about. The Secretary (of State John Kerry's) message, I expect, will be the same that his public message is, which is that clearly, there - we saw a diplomatic opening here."

Psaki said that while the U.S. is going into conversations with Iran with eyes wide open, it is in the world's best interest for the U.S. to try to end Iran's nuclear program.

"We're going into any conversations at any level with eyes wide open," Psaki said. "At the same point, it's in everyone's interest - our interest, the Israelis' interest - to bring an end to the nuclear program. So let's see if there's an opportunity to do that."