ARA develops CBRN course for Air Force

Applied Research Associates, Inc., an international research and engineering company, announced the development on Friday of a bioterror defense awareness course for the U.S. Air Force.

ARA's Training Solutions Super Group recently developed the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense awareness course for the U.S. Air Force Emergency Management Program. The course is meant to prepare the airmen to face weapons of mass destruction on the battlefield and act decisively to protect themselves and continue the accomplishment of their mission.

"This course ensures Air Force men and women worldwide will feel confident in their ability to identify CBRN threats, understand how to mitigate, respond and recover from those threats and wear their (individual protective equipment) properly," Sam Hazzard, a program manager with the Air Force Emergency Management Training Program, said.

The course consists of web-based, knowledge-centric training and instructor-led, hands-on demonstration tasks using the CBRN Survival Skills Instructor Guide.

More than 3,000 Air Force personnel completed the training course, which was developed by CBRN subject matter experts, media and graphic developers and instructional systems designers with ARA.

The Air Force trains more than 600,000 active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force civilians and AF reserve representatives to operate in a CBRN environment anywhere in the world.

ARA said the web-based format allows for academic self-paced learning and gives students standardized subject knowledge and increased access to course materials.