South Korea calls on world to roll back North Korea's nuclear weapons program

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se called on the international community on Friday to roll back North Korea's nuclear weapons program to prevent the advent of another nuclear-armed state.

Yun made the remarks during the U.N. General Assembly's annual General Debate on Friday. He offered to provide aid to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea if it is willing to comply with international obligations related to its nuclear program.

"I must draw your attention to the seriousness of DPRK's ongoing (weapons of mass destruction) programs," Yun said. "Despite a series of Security Council resolutions, North Korea launched long-range missiles and conducted nuclear tests as recently as early this year, in blatant violation of its international obligations."

Yun pointed to Syria's recent agreement to surrender its chemical weapons as an example for the potential course of action in North Korea.

"Like with Syria, the international community should forge united efforts to roll back DPRK's nuclear weapons programs to prevent the advent of another nuclear-armed state," Yun said. "However, if the DPRK decides to give up its so-called parallel pursuit of economic development and nuclear armament, and in turn embarks on a path of genuine change through concrete actions, the Republic of Korea stands ready to help."

Yun highlighted his country's proposal to create a world peace park in the heavily armed demilitarized zone separating the two states. He said the park would transform a lasting legacy of the Cold War and a divided Korea into a space of harmony and peace.