OPCW Director-General uzumcu meets with Pope Francis

Ahmet uzumcu, the director-general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, met with Pope Francis on Friday to discuss the works of the OPCW.

During their meeting in Rome, uzumcu talked with Pope Francis about what the OPCW has been doing, focusing on the tasks they have been assigned in regards to Syria and the elimination of its chemical weapons. uzumcu emphasized the organization's role in this upcoming task, adding that along with eliminating Syria's chemical weapons, the OPCW will also remove the country's capabilities to build more chemical weapons.

Pope Francis gave his full support to the OPCW's work and the humanitarian efforts that come along with the organization's work. He also said that the international community must stand against the horror of chemical weapons.

uzumcu and Pope Francis agreed on the fact that chemical weapons have no place in the world and that the international community must continue the fight to eliminate them and make sure they can never come back. They also agreed that in order for this to take place, the Chemical Weapons Convention must be universally agreed upon and promoted. They finished by coming to a consensus that chemistry, while useful to the world, must only be used for peaceful purposes that would aid humanity.