Kerry says Syria must move rapidly for peace

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday that Syria and the international community must move quickly to put a transitional government in place in Syria.

Kerry made the remarks during the Friends of the Syrian People ministerial on Thursday in New York. Kerry praised the Syrian Opposition Coalition's recent endorsement of Geneva II, which calls for a transitional government. The transitional government would be chosen by mutual consent and would likely expel Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Kerry said the U.S. intends to push hard to get the Geneva conference moving, though he said he knew the situation in Syria would not have a quick resolution.

"Not that we have an illusion that it may resolve itself in days or even weeks, or perhaps months, but that process must begin so that the world knows we're paying attention to the crisis of Syria, that it's unacceptable that it continue in its current status, and that there is a road forward providing that Assad and the people who support him are willing to embrace what the international community has already adopted," Kerry said.

Kerry added that the U.S. and the world must approach the situation in Syria with an understanding that removing the chemical weapons does not absolve them from the responsibility to deal with the humanitarian crisis.

"We must help bring about a negotiated solution," Kerry said.