Austrian President Heinz Fischer calls for putting Arms Trade Treaty into effect

President of Austria Heinz Fischer recently called on the United Nations General Assembly to enter the Arms Trade Treaty info effect as soon as possible to progress towards global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

"The continued reliance on nuclear weapons and the limited progress towards nuclear disarmament are of great global concern," Fischer said. "Nuclear weapons should be stigmatized, banned and eliminated."

Fischer called on the international community to increase the importance of disarmament and non-proliferation. Fischer also commended the international community on the approval of the Arms Trade Treaty, calling it an "historic accomplishment" that should be entered into force as soon as possible.

Fischer touched on the Millennium Development Goals and Austria's goals through 2015. Fischer also touched on Austria's energy goals, laid out during the Office of the Special Representative of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, which seek to provide universal access to energy, doubling energy efficiency and double renewable energy resources.

Fischer also mentioned that Austria is considering the establishment of an Austrian Rule of Law Trust Fund. The fund would support the international community in legal affairs, free of charge to developing nations.

"Austria strongly believes that only an international system based on the rule of law can lead to lasting peace, security, economic development and social progress," Fisher said.