France calls for U.N. resolution to enforce Syrian surrender of chemical arsenal

French President Fran├žois Hollande called for a U.N. Security Council resolution on Tuesday to authorize potential military action if Syria fails to comply with an agreement to surrender its chemical weapons.

Hollande made the remarks to the U.N. General Assembly on the first day of its annual general debate. He pointed out that the pressure of the potential use of force led to Syria's agreement to give up its chemical arsenal.

"France wanted a strong reaction to respond to this appalling crime and to dissuade (President) Bashar al-Assad's regime from committing new massacres," Hollande said.

The divided council has yet to adopt a resolution in Syria. Hollande called upon the five permanent members to renounce their right to a veto in the case of crimes against humanity.

"France has three demands," Hollande said. "The first is that the text enables the Security Council to take up the issue at any time. The second is that the resolution includes measures under Chapter VII in case of Syrian non-compliance with its commitments. The third demand is that those who committed these crimes must be brought to justice."

Chapter VII would provide for the potential use of military force and other measures to ensure compliance with the agreement.

Hollande said decisions must be made to install a transition government with the powers to re-establish peace in Syria. The fighting during the conflict resulted in the deaths of 120,000 people and a quarter of the population being driven out of their homes.