U.S. seeks U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria

A U.N. Security Council resolution in regards to Syria's chemical weapons is needed to ensure a verifiable process and to impose consequences if Syria fails to comply, the White House said on Saturday.

Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor for strategic communications with the White House, made the statement on Saturday as part of a conference call. Rhodes responded to a question about whether the framework arrangement reached between the U.S. and Russia about Syria required a U.N. Security Council resolution. He said that while the Geneva agreement does provide a strong framework for the removal and destruction of Syrian chemical weapons, the resolution is a necessity.

"Our belief is that there should be a U.N. Security Council resolution and that that is necessary to ensure that there's a verifiable process and that there are consequences that are enforced upon the Assad regime should they fail to comply," Rhodes said.

Rhodes pointed out that the U.S. and Russia both determined in the framework that it was created in the interest of pursuing a U.N. Security Council resolution. He said it will continue to be the U.S. position that a resolution must be put in place to credibly monitor and verify the actions of Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime and to impose consequences for non-compliance.

"If (a resolution) can be accomplished and if we start to see Syrian chemical weapons moved under international control, ultimately destroyed, we believe that would be a significant positive outcome," Rhodes said.