NATO Secretary General Rasmussen makes speech on future of NATO

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen made a speech on Wednesday at the Carnegie Europe Event to discuss where the future of NATO lies and its role in the ever-changing world.

"We live in a world in transition," Rasmussen said. "And transition often leads to turmoil and turbulence. In such times, we need something strong. Stable. And secure. For 28 nations in Europe and North America, that pillar of strength is NATO."

Rasmussen highlighted the crisis in Syria and noted the action the international community has taken to help alleviate the breech of human rights law that has occurred in the nation over the past two years. Rasmussen said conflict will always exist in the world, and alleviating future crises will be the future of NATO.

"Of course, every crisis around the world is different," Rasmussen said. "And NATO cannot be the response for every crisis. But I do believe that NATO is the foundation on which any Ally or group of Allies can build their response to any crisis."

Rasmussen highlighted the services NATO offers, including military command, control structures, political consultations, peacekeeping initiatives and experience. Rasmussen said NATO and its allies stand ready to act as a unit, making it a strong force.

"Together, the Allies form a unique community of values, committed to individual liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law," Rasmussen said. "The world will change. The threats will change. But our values never will. So we must always ensure that we have the military capabilities to protect those values and the political will to do so."